Sunday 20th November | 6pm

Westgate Baptist Church

What do you HOPE For?


The dream of AS ONE began over a year ago, and since then thousands of Westies and many churches have seen the blessings that occur when people come together with one heart, one mind and one love for their community. The momentum for AS ONE has increased and our aim continues - to lift up the name of Jesus in our region. 

In recent times, West Auckland has experienced some immensely tragic events. This proves that there is still ground to be taken but there have also been many positive changes in the community, several of them propelled by the awareness that AS ONE has created. In joining each other again, we anticipate that Jesus will continue to breathe life into our community, we expect that His abundance will overflow, and we dream that every person will experience His love. 

On Sunday, February 22nd 2015 every individual and church in West Auckland is invited to come together again for a night of prayer and worship.



The AS ONE NZ band features diverse local artists who have been in the music scene for a number of years. These young singers and musicians bring a unique West Auckland flavour while embracing the direction of AS ONE NZ. They each have a heart for God and their local community. The AS ONE band is supported by a strong choir who are a great representation of talent in our area. Come prepared to experience a powerful night of worship and be led into God’s presence.




Please deposit any donations into the AsOneNZ Bank account and email us to get a receipt sent to you.

Account name: AS ONE NZ